Compliance as a Profit Center (CapC) changes the game.

Excellent compliance is a critical cost for Healthcare Organizations wishing to avoid expensive penalties. But now, through our innovative CapC process we have been able to turn the tables on that corporate cost, by using compliance initiatives to uncover new sources of profits and bottom-line growth.

Quick look at how CapC Works

Uncover hidden profits for your organization. Contact HealthCare Compliance Network to get a no-cost initial assessment of your opportunity to turn your compliance costs into real bottom line growth.

Payment Integrity

Identifying underpayments for services you have delivered. Using CAPC retrospective analytics we filter your claims payments, identifying underpayments and Payor trends. Then HCN industry veterans work with your company to implement a recurring process to continually recover lost funds. 

Identify your missed billing opportunities

Capturing missed billings and correcting overall charge capture and billing practices going forward ensures that you are getting the maximum payment for documented services.

Value-Based Care

Helping organizations navigate the move to incentivized risk arrangements. Is your Healthcare Organization evaluating participation in the new government value-based care initiatives? We will assist you in determining how this strategy fits your plans for increasing profits. The HCN team will help you monitor your revenue cycle management production and trends as well as your EHR and technology to ensure the correct metrics are being measured and your organization is maximizing its opportunity for incentive dollars.

Unavoidable expense? Or driver of bottom-line growth?

A culture of excellent compliance is a critical investment for healthcare practices wishing to avoid financial penalties and provide safe environments for staff and patients. But we have found that we can help clients make that investment pay off in previously unrealized profits. We do this through our CapC™ program. Compliance as a Profit Center is a bundled service that helps our clients to:

  • Get full payment for billed services
  • Fully bill for all delivered services
  • Evaluate and act on new opportunities to participate in value-based care and at-risk plans