OSHA Compliance Services and Training

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are aware of their obligation to create an OSHA compliant environment that emphasizes infection control, procedures for bloodborne pathogens, use of personal protective equipment, basic housekeeping and more. It’s critical for healthcare organizations to stay up to date on OSHA Compliance because not only are healthcare workers regularly exposed to workplace hazards, but they are also more susceptible to workplace violence than those working in other professions.

We can help you with:

How we can Assist

We’ve been building compliance program, emergency operations plans, and workplace violence safety programs for decades. Now, more than ever, this preparedness is vital for all organizations.

Onsite Compliance Assessment

It’s crucial to conduct a thorough walkthrough to assess the environment and how workforce members are interacting within that environment. Our two-step approach includes an in-depth survey, as well as a thorough on-site assessment.

Comprehensive Manuals

From the assessment data, we evaluate how the regulations pertain to your specific facility and create a detailed, site-specific manual, formatted, and tabbed for easy reference. We provide updates on an annual basis to avoid a lapse in compliance.

Site-Specific Training

The most effective training incorporates the specific traits of your environment and staff. Where are the spill kits located? What is your evacuation route if there is an emergency? We build our training modules specifically for your facility so that your staff know exactly how to keep your facility and themselves compliant and safe.

Incorporating Additional Regulations

Our assessments and programs incorporate other regulatory bodies involved with the safety of a work environment – such as the CDC, NIOSH, and NFPA – providing your facility with comprehensive compliance.

Emergency Operations Plans

Many facilities were unprepared to handle the recent pandemic and there were dire consequences. We create site-specific EOPs and supplementary training to prepare you to handle all emergencies – including outbreaks, acts of nature, and threats to physical safety. It’s not just a good idea, it’s a requirement for facilities participating in the Medicare or Medicaid program. See more in our CMS-OIG section.

Active Shooter/Person with a Weapon Safety Programs & Training

Though our recent history has seen an alarming uptick of workplace violence, it has been an ever-present issue and healthcare workers continue to be one of the most at-risk professions. We have been providing safety programs and training for decades and our unique expertise in this realm has made this one of our most sought-after programs.

OSHA Assessments

We’ve been building OSHA Compliance programs for decades and know what to look for to boost your health & safety requirements.  We conduct physical audits of your practice and assess your compliance to key OSHA regulations, such as protocols for hazardous materials, safe egress, first-aid equipment, etc.  This includes a thorough walkthrough to assess the environment and how workforce members are interacting within that environment. Our two-step approach includes an in-depth survey of employees, as well as a thorough on-site assessment. Once completed, we provide you with a Risk Management Assessment and help you plan your strategy moving forward.

OSHA Manuals

Since OSHA requires physical manuals for employees (not just electronic ones), we work with you to create a detailed, site-specific manual, formatted and tabbed for easy reference. This manual outlines all safety procedures, workflows, emergency procedures, egress plans and provides an OSHA Compliance checklist. Safety Data Sheets also are required by OSHA and created for each hazardous chemical and how to handle, store and dispose it. These manuals need to be available for all workforce members and reviewed annually for accuracy.

As OSHA regulations continue to be updated to address new health & safety concerns, we securely update, share and store these manuals electronically, in our custom Regulatory Compliance Management System, as well as with regular addendums to physical manuals.

OSHA Training

The most effective OSHA Compliance training is customized to meet the needs of your specific staff and the culture of your environment.  We build our training modules specifically for your facility so that your staff knows where spill kits or egress routes, for example, are located and how to keep your facility and themselves safe – with or without a safety manager.

We train your employees to properly handle the hazards they may encounter in the course of their jobs, such as chemical spills, blood-borne pathogen exposure, workplace violence or radiation exposure. The courses are conducted using HCN’s advanced Learning Management System and training is typically done once a year or more often to address changing regulatory requirements.

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