Our Foundation of Expertise

With over 30 years of experience and success we help clients navigate the ever-growing mass of government regulations and payor requirements. We have found it is not a coincidence that promoting the safety and compliance of our clients’ workplaces also helps the security of their bottom lines.


OSHA comes to Healthcare practices.

Michael Manere begins selling compliance services, but his prospects think OSHA is a town in Wisconsin.


First compliance sale to New England Dental.


Wiks Moffat joins the team

  • Compliance sales to Dental industry expand after the first
    alleged case of clinically transmitted HIV.
  • Developed Employee Policy Manual and training on sexual
    harassment and discrimination in response to Anita Hill
    testimony to Congress.



Compliance sales broaden

Offices need help with CDC regulations on spreading disease, as well as office fire and chemical safety.


CDC and ADA regulations grow

Introduction of site-specific policies, procedures, and manuals.


Compliance services expand to include Physician Offices, Veterinarian Offices, Funeral Homes

  • TB scare prompts the introduction of PPE Fit Testing Program
  • Wiks and Michael take full ownership of the company.

Pilot program success in Florida leads to East Coast sales expansion

OIG’s 7 Elements of Compliance become foundation pieces for all products and services going forward.

1996 - 1998

Medicare fraud exposure leads to increased OIG and Medicare regulation expansion

Mass General becomes company’s largest client and requires more automated/web-based services.


Company integrates Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch approach delivering holistic compliance services

Introduction of proprietary web-based training and monitoring product, Learning Content Management System. LCMS delivers scale and access for large clients.

2000 - 2010

Company focuses on Physician Practices

Expansion of the regulatory environment spurs growth and product evolution. Company goes through various reorganizations and recapitalizations.


Active Shooter Program launched

A new beginning: Michael Manere founds HCN, Inc. providing a platform for greater creativity and market responsiveness in product development and sales.


Todd McDonagh joins the executive team

Todd adds over 20 years of healthcare management and technology experience to the HCN arsenal.


HCN introduced it’s innovative Regulatory Compliance Management System (RCMS)

  • HCN, Inc. is acquired by HCN, LLC to becoming the current version of HealthCare Compliance Network, LLC.
  • HCN introduced it’s innovative Regulatory Compliance Management System (RCMS), the state-of-the-art web-based tool for training, records storage and overall compliance site.
2017 - 2018

Hypergrowth of company compliance services, both online and in person

Active Shooter Program expansion


Addition of partner software programs

HubSpot and Salesforce increase client satisfaction and service capabilities.


Introduction of Compliance as a Profit Center (CapC)

  • Introduction of Compliance as a Profit Center (CapC) process. Clients and partners realize untapped sources of revenue and adapt to modern pay-for performance compensation strategies.
  • Introduction of Physician Practice Recovery Program helps Medical practices manage through the COVID-19 era. Expansion of PPE Fit Test program meets pandemic need.