A NO answer to any of these questions could put your organization at risk for fines/penalties or reputational damage.

Are Your Vendors Securing Your Practice’s Protected Health Information (PHI)?

Would Your Charting and Coding Hold Up to a Payer Audit?

Are Your Employees Accessing the Appropriate Patient Information?

Do Your Employees Feel Safe in Their Work Environment?

Do You Know What is Reportable to DHHS’s Office of Civil Rights?

Do Your Employees Have an Easy Way to Report Potentially Fraudulent Activity?

Are Your Employees Using your Network to Access Personal Information?

HealthCare Compliance Network’s #1 priority is MINIMIZING YOUR

Healthcare regulatory compliance seems easy to talk about, but it’s tricky to implement & sustain. There are multiple facets of regulatory compliance that affect every aspects of a healthcare organization.

HealthCare Compliance Network (HCN) has developed the Physician Practice Recovery Program (PPRP). The 3-phase Physician Practice Recovery Program (PPRP) ensures your patients and employees that your practice is committed to safe-guarding their well-being while providing the crucial boost to your practice’s financial health.

How HealthCare Compliance Network Assists with Your Organization’s Regulatory Compliance.

Our software provides HCN an innovative web-based tool that brings the efficiency and flexibility of automation to the regulatory compliance concerns confronting the healthcare industry.

COVID-19 Billing Guide

COVID-19 Billing Guide

There are 11 new CPT codes for COVID-19 vaccines. Each vaccine has a specific vaccine administration code. The appropriate administration code is chosen based on the type of vaccine and which dose in the schedule (first or second dose) the patient receives. CPT Code...

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