Physician Practices

Working with Physician Practices has been HealthCare Compliance Network’s strength for over 20 years.

Two of HCN’s Principals have literally grown up watching regulatory compliance evolve in the Healthcare Industry. Every time a Federal or State regulatory body has incorporated new standards, programs and services have been developed to assist the physician practices.

Whether it was the Department of Labor – OSHA for employee safety, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights for HIPAA & HITECH, the Office of Inspector General for Fraud, Waste & Abuse or the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services for coding & billing, our Principals have taken time to understand these guidelines and how they will apply to the Healthcare Industry.

Scope of Services

Compliance & Ethics Program

HIPAA/HITECH Security & Privacy Policies

Co-sourced Compliance Officer Partnership (CCO)

Coding and Compliance Risk Assessment

HIPAA Compliance for Business Associates & Telemedicine Accreditation

Compliance Program and HIPAA/HITECH Effectiveness Evaluation

Coding and Chart Audit

  • Monitoring
  • New Provider Orientation & Baseline Audit
  • Annual Documentation Reviews & Education

Breach Response

Online, Onsite and Customized Training

Exclusion Checks

Confidential Compliance Hotline Call and Message Center

Security Risk Analysis

Payer and Regulatory Audit Defense

Coding Education

  • Result-Based TrainHIPAA/HITECH Security & Privacy Policiesing – Group
  • Result-Based Training – Individual
  • General Training – Ancillary Staff
  • General Education – Specialty Groups

    OSHA Compliance – Employee Safety – Workplace Violence

    • On-site Survey-OSHA/WPV Compliance Evaluation
    • On-site training – Workplace Violence

        EMR Optimization and/or Selection

        Employee Handbook

        Revenue Cycle Policies and Procedures

        Mergers & Acquisitions

        • Due Diligence Compliance and Document Review
        • Coding Compliance Chart Audit