Online Compliance and Training Software

Technology has improved almost every aspect of the healthcare marketplace. But regulatory compliance has been underserved by the newest trends in technology and apps.

Until now.

Online Compliance Services

    Organization and Customization

    • Policies and procedures
    • Manuals and compliance forms

    Training and Education

    • On-line courses
    • Tracking and updating

    Continuous Readiness

    • New regulations
    • New hires
    • New facilities
    • Annual updates


    • Security Risk Assessment with Risk Management Plan
    • Continuous Process Improvement of Compliance Plan

    Hi-Tech meets Hi-Touch

    Our innovative Regulatory Compliance Management System™ (RCMS). RCMS is a web-based tool that brings the efficiency and flexibility of automation to the medical practices. It provides the healthcare administrator an intuitive client portal where they can initiate, track, and manage compliance, maintain, and update policies and procedures, all contained and accessed through a simple online dashboard. Hi-Tech efficiency.

    But sometimes a personal approach is what’s called for. HCN backs up the Hi-Tech performance of RCMS with the most experienced service team in the business to do on-site assessments, or hands-on chart audits. Person-to-person service on demand when only a house call will do. Hi-Touch Proficiency

    LCMS SAS Solution

    Training compliance is essential for healthcare organizations. Computer-based training makes it convenient and efficient to be compliant. We have developed a Learning Compliance Management System (LCMS™) which allows for training to be completed online, from any internet enabled device. Managers can add or subtract modules from our complete, up-to-date library of training programs.  Monitor completion, assure standards of performance on training, generate reports, even incorporate training into incentive programs, all through the LCMS software solution. We handle all the material updates so that LCMS can make it easy for practices to remain current with emerging regulations.