Compliance Officers

Healthcare Compliance Network can help expand the scope of the Compliance Office, assisting with HIPAA Compliance, CMS – OIG Compliance, and OSHA Compliance.

Over the years, many healthcare entities have grown into multi-dimensional organizations with a variety of service lines. Quite often, these service lines can spread out across multiple locations in different geographic areas. The organization’s internal compliance resources needed to cover these areas can be limited, leaving organizations vulnerable to regulatory compliance related issues. 

Our Compliance Specialists will work in conjunction with your organization’s Compliance Office to cover those locations outside of your main organizational hub. Most of these remote locations tend to be physician practices, where HCN has specialized for over twenty years.

Benefits of your Compliance Office working with HealthCare Compliance Network

Based in the USA

Vast array of specific healthcare compliance expertise

Unbiased and objective reporting – No “Fox Guarding the Hen House”

Vast array of specific healthcare compliance expertise

Access to network of industry experts as resources for all projects and compliance initiatives

Defined work plan for compliance

No HR hassles or expenses

Nimble enough to complete special projects

Proven track record in audit defense in both private sector and government sector

If the scope of your annual work plan has limitations due to the lack of competent resources, HCN can help you fortify your compliance program with expertise across all areas of regulatory compliance.