Compliance Services

Healthcare regulatory compliance seems easy to talk about, but it’s tricky to implement & sustain. There are multiple facets of regulatory compliance that affect every aspects of a healthcare organization.

Healthcare regulatory compliance is a business necessity, whether you’re a physician’s practice, a major health organization or a business associate or partner, compliance matters.

Yet, it seems that compliance requirements are increasing by the day within a regulatory environment that is constantly evolving.

Here at Healthcare Compliance Network, we’re practicing scholars of all key healthcare regulations. With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare compliance, we not only know what it takes to keep you compliant with changing regulations, but we’ll help you accomplish it efficiently and effectively.

We understand that while regulatory requirements are the same for every health practice, every practice is not the same. We work closely with you to craft assessments, training and manuals, especially designed to meet your needs and in ways that will be most effective with your staff.

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So how do we do it?

It begins with 3 key services offerings that are applied to each regulatory requirement – from HIPAA and OSHA, to Coding and CMS-OIG compliance:


At Healthcare Compliance Network we take a hands-on approach with our clients to provide targets solutions to minimize risk today and monitor and limit risk in the future.


From our decades of experience, we have found building a compliance culture is must stronger approach than training by itself. 


Manuals are a living document always evolving in how our clients understand policies vs. procedures, assignment of responsibility, and align your procedures with processes.