Physician Practice Recovery Program

Never has a single event had such a devastating effect on the healthcare community.  The healthcare industry could often ride out downturns in the economy, but this pandemic has spared no industry. Navigating a way back to the new normal will require fortitude and patience. HCN has been keeping healthcare safe and compliant from AIDS to COVID.

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Physician Practice Recovery Program

HealthCare Compliance Network (HCN) has developed the Physician Practice Recovery Program (PPRP). The 3-phase Physician Practice Recovery Program (PPRP) ensures your patients and employees that your practice is committed to
safe-guarding their well-being while providing the crucial boost to your practice’s financial health.

Re-Entry Phase

It is imperative for all practices – those that have remained open and those re-opening – that your employees are safe and that your patients know that your practice is taking all necessary measures to ensure their safety. Our evaluation process is developed from over 35 years of providing OSHA and CDC compliance expertise – from AIDS to COVID

Services related to the Re-Entry Phase:

Re-Entry Evaluation On-Site Survey – two (2) types:

  1. Audit of established processes utilizing a specific audit checklist
  2. Review of facility to establish physical safeguards and evaluate patient flow

COVID-19 Return to Work Policy & Procedure Manual

Online Employee Safety Training

Validation Letter for website, mailing or display at your location

Establish foundation for overall Emergency Operation Plan (EOP)

This two-part approach mitigates the risk of non-compliance and lays the groundwork for a successful path to stability and growth through various expense minimization strategies and telemedicine options.

Video conferencing tools must be HIPAA compliant and integrate with your PM and EHR. We have partnered with MTBC to ease recovery through software alternatives that alleviate and transition fixed overhead costs of the past to a variable cost that adjusts to the practice utilization, as well as a telemedicine platform that integrates with 30 EHRs.

Services related to the Stabilization Phase:

No cost evaluation of current billing and revenue cycle management process

Review of your current telemedicine set up with recommendations

Continued guidance on CMS and private payer telemedicine coding regulations

Chart Audit with emphasis on telemedicine codes

Chart Audit with emphasis on telemedicine codes

Compliance as a Profit Center (CAPC): Turning compliance costs into an investment that delivers profits. Our innovative CAPC process has turned the tables on corporate cost by using compliance initiatives to uncover new sources of revenue and bottom-line growth.

Here’s a quick look at how CAPC works:

Enhanced Coding & Chart Audit

  •  Maximize payment for documented services
  • Captures missed billing opportunities
  • Corrects overall charge capture and billing practices

Payment Integrity

  • Retrospective analytics filter your claims payments to identify underpayments and payor trends
  • Implementation of a recurring process to continually recover lost funds

Chronic Care Management/Remote Patient Monitoring

Value-Based Care

Facilitates the transition to incentivized risk arrangements

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