Mitchell Brie

Vice President of Performance


Mitch has been an industry expert and trusted advisor in the Healthcare industry for the last 2 decades relating to payment care and revenue models, as well as the optimization of practice software.  Mitch is proficient on over a dozen EMR/PM systems.  He has worked with thousands of providers, helping them attest for multiple programs including MU/PQRS compliance and working towards the same services for MIPS/MACRA compliance.  Mitch also works to help practices transition from fee for service to value based reimbursements, as well as work with Independent Physician practices to advise them on how to stay profitable.

Mitch spent 3 years at WebMD, and then 8 years at Greenway Medical Technologies, assisting more than 1,000 providers.  He also specializes in Population Health, Chronic Care, and End of Life issues. He has had tremendous success putting companies together in partnership so that they can thrive in the changing landscape of healthcare.  He has been on numerous panels, and has been a speaker on many occasions to discuss his views on the future of healthcare.

Mitch has a theater from Ithaca College, and strongly believes that his background in theater has attributed to his success.  He is married with 2 children, and in his spare time teaches martial arts and is an avid tennis player and golfer.