Jim Tudor

Director of Coding & Billing Compliance


Jim is a seasoned veteran in the world of billing, coding, and compliance, with over 25+ years of experience in the industry.  Possessing experience at both the managerial and directorial levels, Jim brings a vast and diverse skill set to the table.  As manager of Coding Quality & Education at the Elliot Hospital in NH, Jim designed and administered the billing compliance audit program for the hospital and 350 provider physician organization. He also served as manager of the Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) team and oversaw the coding staff quality assurance program and ICD-10 training initiatives.  As Director of Billing Compliance at Medsafe, Jim administered coding quality assurance and educational programs for laboratory diagnostic coding, all medical specialties and outpatient surgery, and gained much notoriety for his straightforward approach in training coders, billing personnel and physicians alike.

Jim is very proficient at evaluation and management (E/M) auditing across all specialties and has expertise with both professional and facility billing.    Jim has extensive knowledge of federal regulations as they pertain to teaching settings and institutions, and in current billing guidelines for non-physician caregivers (“incident-to”). He has been a keynote speaker at several coding conferences and nationally broadcast webinars and has authored several articles for the AAPC Cutting Edge magazine.  Jim has built coding database platforms for tracking, reporting, and productivity utilizing MS Access / Visual Basic.